Public Health and Environmental Sustainability Certificate for Online MPH Students

The Public Health and Environmental Sustainability graduate certificate program builds on the University of Michigan’s history and expertise in environmental health and provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to work with entities and communities to facilitate a healthy and sustainable future. Students enrolled in this certificate will have the opportunity to view sustainability through the lens of human health.

Anytime our systems are not in ecological balance there are health impacts associated with that. In this certificate, we are blending environment, sustainability, and public health. We'll not only discuss the sustainability and processes around things like food production, climate change, or water, but we'll be looking at their connections with health.

- Simone Charles, Clinical Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

Upon completion of this certificate program, students will be able to answer questions like: What is the value of sustainability for health on national and global levels? How can we support the production and consumption of sustainable products to promote human health? How do climate change, social justice, and environmental justice intersect in ways that advance the health of disparate communities? How effective are environmental health management and policies around sustainability? 

Students will learn to critically consider such questions and prepare to act to implement change for improved public health. They will gain an understanding of, and the skill sets needed to impact, the connections between public health, environmental health, and sustainable practices—nationally and globally— specifically focused on the health improvement of those most vulnerable.

Simone Charles, clinical assistant professor of Environmental Health Sciences, is the faculty lead for the Public Health and Environmental Sustainability certificate program. In the following video, Charles shares what students can expect to gain from this certificate program and offers her insights on the importance of the skills they’ll develop.


Must be an enrolled graduate student in the Population and Health Sciences online Master of Public Health degree programs. Students must successfully complete PUBHLTH 514 prior to enrolling in this graduate certificate program.

Required Courses for Certificate Completion

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