Our Team

Clinical studies are managed by SABER's 27 employed personnel, who specialize in statistics, database programming, data management, project management, clinical monitoring and research administration. Dr. Cathie Spino is the director of SABER and a research professor in the department of biostatistics. Dr. Elizabeth Freiheit, a statistician and epidemiologist, is the managing director of SABER. Dr. Wen Ye is a faculty scientist and SABER's assistant director. Other faculty members in the biostatistics department lead statistical activities in the SABER portfolio. SABER members work with faculty partners throughout the University of Michigan health research community and beyond.


Collaborative Biostatistics Faculty

Kelley Kidwell, PhD
Research Associate Professor, Biostatistics

Sehee Kim, PhD
Research Assistant Professor

Bhramar Mukherjee, PhD
Professor and Chair,
Department of Biostatistics

Susan Murray, ScD
Professor of Biostatistics

Trivellore Raghunathan, PhD
Professor of Biostatistics

Peter X.K. Song, Ph.D.
Professor of Biostatistics

Lu Wang, PhD
Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Min Zhang, PhD
Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Lili Zhou, PhD
Research Associate Professor

Leadership Team

Jeff Holtzman, MA
Application Architect Lead
Manager, Software Development

Cathy Scott, AAS
Manager, Data Management

Jennifer Mawby, RN, CCRP
Manager, Project Management
and Clinical Monitoring


Stacey Anderson, MPH
Project Mnager

Linda Cholewa, BS, CIP
Clinical Monitor

Wendy Fane, BS
Software Developer

Brandi Gizinski, MBA
Project Manager

Edward Green, MPH

Vasundhara Goplani, MS, MBA, CCRA
Project Manager

Abigail Goodhart, MFA
Research Assistant

Lisa Holloway, BS, CCRC
Clinical Monitor

Suiyuan Huang, MPH




Rose Ignacio, MS
Statistician, Lead

Muhammad Ishtiaq, PhD
Project Manager

Deanna Jones
Clinical Data Manager

Karen Jones, BS, MT, CCRA
Senior Project Manager

Brooke Kilyanek, MS
Clinical Data Manager

Anna Landi
Research Administrator

Christie Liffick
Clinical Data Manager

Adam Martin-Schwarze, PhD
Statistician Senior 

Dana Mickle, MA
Research Administrator

Chandrakanth Nadella, MS
Software Development Programmer

Tanvi Naik, MS
Project Manager

David Short
Data Architect, Lead

Kristina Slusser
Clinical Data Manager

Ashley Szpara, BA
Project Manager

Lisa Walters, BS, CCRP
Clinical Research Project Manager

Julia Warner, MSW
Compliance Specialist

Emily White, MS