Headshot of Lu Wang

Applying Adaptive Dynamic Decision Making to Health Care and Cities

Lu Wang

Lu Wang’s research spans across many different disciplines, from healthcare to environmental health. This nexus of interests and research areas has led to critical work in personalized and precision health care, as well as a new opportunity to serve as co-lead of a new School of Public Health initiative aimed at applying this work to creating healthy and equitable cities.

Justin Heinze, Health Behavior and Health Education, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Addressing Violence with Multi-Faceted Solutions

Justin Heinze

An unexpected connection led Justin Heinze to pursue a career in public health. A rising scholar who researches various aspects of violence and impacts on health, Heinze leads new projects and initiatives at the University of Michigan School of Public Health that aim to find solutions to the multifaceted topic of firearm violence and prevention.

Erin Wilkie online MPH student, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Room to Grow: MPH Student Is Discovering Interests with Generalist Program

Erin Wilkie

Erin Wilke had a great job in a state she loved, but she wanted to grow. After completing a bachelor's degree in public health, she started working as a research coordinator within the orthopedic department of the Medical University of South Carolina. She did not want to uproot her life.