Faculty, Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology

Carl Marrs

That Idea Stinks: Trust, Honesty, and the Importance of Team Science in Preventing Disease

Carl F. Marrs

Team science requires a lot of grit, says epidemiologist Carl Marrs. Collaborators have to trust each other enough to be straightforward and honest about their projects. Straight truth isn’t always easy on our emotions, but it is good for science. Science is a challenging endeavor, and the incredible teamwork led by Marrs and others means better health for all of us.

Betsy Foxman

Thinking Slow, Living Resilient, and Making a Difference

Betsy Foxman

Professional science requires a host of nuanced problem-solving skills, which for prominent epidemiologist Betsy Foxman includes learning how to “think slow” and how tolerate failure—even when the world around us demands quick answers and indisputable facts.