Nutritional Sciences

Anthony Dang

Socially Engaged Design for a Healthier Population

Anthony Dang

Socially engaged design might go by other names. But by any name, it is central to how we structure many of the public health interventions and programs that help people get and stay healthy. Master’s student Anthony Dang sees tremendous potential for role socially engaged design to help unlock new solutions to public health problems. Read more

Sue Coloe

Forward Thinking: An Extraordinary Teacher Taps into Student Passion as She Helps Prepare Them for Careers in Public Health

Suzanne Cole

Suzanne Cole absorbs the energy and optimism of public health students and shares it right back with them, consistently creating an environment of positive energy in the classroom. She encourages students to consider how course materials connect to professional goals, sharpening both their intellectual curiosity and their passion for population health. Read more

Caroline Mandel and her students

Alum and Dietitian Team Aiding Wolverines While Separated from Athletic Teams

Caroline Mandel, MS ’96

Public health alum Caroline Mandel is director of performance nutrition for the University of Michigan athletic department. Since March 12, when all collegiate competition and practice ceased, she and her staff face a new challenge—keeping student-athletes healthy and well at home during a pandemic. Read more

Headshot of Betsy Ford.

From Peace Corps to Public Health

Betsy Ford

Betsy Ford, Nutritional Sciences master’s student and Paul D. Coverdell Fellow, shares her experience working in the Peace Corps and how it led her to the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Read more

Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins

Liquid Gold: Supporting Healthy Lactation

Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins

Master's students Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins interned at Liquid Gold Concepts, a company founded by School of Public Health alumni, whose mission is to create hands-on tools for breast health and lactation education. Read more