The Countdown to Grenada


Anisah McEwan

2nd Year, MPH, Health Behavior Health Education Candidate

When writing this post, I have less than two weeks to embark on the trip to Grenada. My four other team members and I will partner with the Grenada Ministry of Social & Community Development, Housing and Gender Affairs, and Disabilities Affairs Unit. This project aims to understand the needs and challenges faced by caregivers and individuals living with disabilities in Grenada. We will conduct focus groups and key informant interviews and create a report based on our findings. This work is exciting as our recommendations may be used to establish the Disabilities Affairs Unit for the Government of Grenada, which could lead to policies designed to give people with disabilities equitable access to healthcare, improve overall well-being, and equal employment opportunities. 

Outside of work, I'm excited about Grenada, as my family is from the Caribbean. My mother is from the US Virgin Islands, and My father is from the Bahamas. Even though they are different countries, I'm excited to eat all the food I grew up on curry goat, oxtail, rice and peas, and plantains. I'm also excited to learn more about Grenadian culture. There is just so much to learn and see! I'm going in with an open mind and stomach! 

We have talked about cultural humility and Western American culture for the past couple of weeks. Going to Grenada will be a time to reflect on how I grew up and how I view things differently from others. It does not mean there is one right way to do things; there are just different approaches, which is what public health is all about. Some things that have stuck with me and I will take into the trip to Grenada and beyond are: 

  1. Be realistic about the things you can achieve. Remember quality over quantity.
  2. We are here to listen and learn.
  3. Everybody has a different point of view, which affects their interpretation.
  4. Discomfort is at the root of all growth.