New Year, New Adventure: Grenada


Courtney Olson

2nd Year, MPH, Global Health Epidemiology Candidate

Hey everyone! My name is Courtney Olson, and I’m a 2nd year MPH student studying Global Health Epidemiology. My research interests have been related to global health, vaccine-preventable diseases, infection prevention, health inequities, and genetics. 

I have never been to the small country of Grenada, but I am excited to work with the Ministry of Social and Community Development, Housing, and Gender Affairs on their development of a Dementia and Alzheimer’s Training Program. It will be a new experience, and I cannot wait to meet our in-country collaborators! 

During this project, I hope to learn more about qualitative research surrounding caregivers of neurodegenerative conditions, which will be valuable skills and experiences as I continue my education in a PhD program and later in my future career. I have focused on infectious diseases in the past, so I will be expanding my horizons by focusing on dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. With the global emphasis on chronic diseases, it is important to continuously improve care for the aging population. Although my group is only there for a brief time, we hope to collectively make progress on their ongoing project and goals. It might be a stressful time, but we will make sure to plan out the project accordingly. 

This is not my first experience abroad, as I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain, Costa Rica, and Israel. I feel like the adaptability that I have developed from these experiences will benefit me as I embark on this new project. The weather and the food will surely be a highlight as we escape the Michigan winter. 

I am looking forward to learning about Grenada, its health care system, and the community that calls this tiny nation home. I cannot wait to share this experience with you all once I return.