Unveiling the Unknown: Anticipations and Goals for the Upcoming Trip To Grenada


Munira C Mohamed

2nd Year, MPH, Epidemiology Candidate

Unveiling the Unknown: Anticipations and Goals for the Upcoming Trip To Grenada

 As I stand at the precipice of a transformative experience, a whirlwind of emotions takes over me. This imminent experience prompts a reflection on my expectations, aspirations, and the personal milestones I hope to achieve. 

Illuminating the Unseen

 In a few weeks, I will be going to Grenada to work on a project with the Ministry of Social and Community Development, Housing, and Gender Affairs. The mere thought of being chosen for this once-in-a-lifetime journey in Public Health 616 fills me with gratitude, but admittedly, a hint of imposter syndrome lingers. 

Navigating the Imposter Syndrome 

The weight of this opportunity brings along the shadows of doubt – am I equipped enough for this task? Can I genuinely contribute to meaningful change? These questions linger, but I recognize them as the echoes of growth and stepping out of one's comfort zone. The anticipation of overcoming these challenges, both personal and professional, is an integral part of this transformative journey. 

Cultural Immersion and Sensitivity 

Grenada, a vibrant tapestry of cultures and histories, awaits. My anticipation extends beyond the professional realm to the personal growth that cultural immersion promises. The richness of Grenada's community will be the backdrop against which I aim to cultivate cultural sensitivity and understanding. Every interaction, every shared moment, is an opportunity to broaden my worldview. 

Project Collaboration with Ministry of Social Development and Gender Affairs 

Working on a project that contributes to the establishment of the Disabilities Affairs Unit is a responsibility I don't take lightly. My aspiration is not merely to fulfill the outlined objectives but to go beyond – to genuinely understand the needs of the community, to collaborate seamlessly with the Ministry, and to contribute to the creation of policies that empower and uplift. 

Breaking Grounds in Public Health 

As a Black Muslim woman in America, my journey is inherently tied to advocating for inclusivity and equity. This experience in Grenada becomes a unique platform to translate advocacy into action. My goal is to ensure that the recommendations we provide are not just theoretical but deeply rooted in the realities of the community. It's about breaking ground in public health that extends beyond borders and resonates with diverse populations. 

Culmination of Personal and Professional Growth 

This journey is not just about achieving project milestones; it's about the cumulative impact on my personal and professional growth. It's about conquering the imposter syndrome, navigating cultural intricacies, and contributing meaningfully to a community that is now intertwined with my journey. 

As the departure date approaches, these anticipations and goals become the compass guiding me into the unknown territories of Grenada, where each step is a revelation, and every challenge is an opportunity for growth