Research Proposal

Masters students may choose to select an additional health disparities project that is outside the scope of the listed projects. The project can focus more on their research interests. They may also elect to train with a University of Michigan mentor at a foreign site that is not on the list-- provided the training is devoted to health disparities research. PhD students and postdoctoral students must propose an independent research project to complete alongside their assignment.

Trainees that have reached PhD candidacy are required to prepare a concept paper summarizing the literature review, goals, hypothesis, methodology, and analysis of data for the research strategy that they intend to use in the research. They will be guided in completing the online application to secure the IRB approval for their project.

The brief research proposal should include the following:

  • A brief statement of the problem or issue your project will address, including any citations from previous research on the topic;
  • A hypothesis of what you expect to find;
  • A brief description of the methods you will use for your research project;
  • How you expect the outcome to be useful to the local community; and 
  • How you expect the project will support your personal and professional growth and development

NOTE: PhD students may use this small side project as a pilot for future research related to their PhD program.