Nutritional Sciences PhD graduate passionate about dispelling misinformation

James Casey

James Casey, PhD ‘20

James Casey is a 2020 graduate of the Nutritional Sciences Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program, with a focus in Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition. He is currently a LEO Lecturer III at the University of Michigan. 

We asked James about his experiences at Michigan Public Health. Here are his responses.

Why did you choose the University of Michigan School of Public Health for a graduate degree?

The culture of support within the School of Public Health and Department of Nutritional Sciences in particular drew me to this program.

What organizations did you belong to while at U-M?

Graduate Employees' Organization

What was your first job out of graduate school?

LEO Lecturer III at University of Michigan

What is your passion in nutrition and how did it change over time?

My passion is in understanding what people are eating compared to what they are actually eating. This hasn’t changed, but my interest in dispelling misinformation and pseudoscience in regards to nutrition has increased.