Big Data

Rachel Davis

Biostatistics student inspired to make a 'positive impact on people's lives'

Rachel Davis

Rachel Davis, who is graduating from the University of Michigan School of Public Health with a Master of Science in Biostatistics, has always been intrigued by the immense amount of information one could learn from a dataset. She decided she wanted to use statistics to better the world in some way.

Stephen Hynes

Biostatistics alum: Thanks to rigorous, comprehensive training, his skills are in high demand

Stephen Hynes, MS ‘22

Stephen Hynes is a statistician in the medical technology division at Johnson & Johnson, work that he finds very rewarding. His team supports the research and statistical study of a line of medical devices that have been developed for people suffering with cardiac arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat that occurs when the electrical impulses that coordinate the heart's activity fail to function properly.


Epidemiology Business Leader Focused on Improving Health of Future Generations

Nehanda Jones, BS '19, MPH ’21

Having worked on cancer biology for so many years, Nehanda Jones was inspired by the potential of applying the principles of precision medicine — tailoring medical decisions to an individual’s known genetic and environmental profile — to improve health at a population level. She's now using those lessons to promote sustainable solutions in health through the work of her own public health technology firm.

Katherine Hoffman

Discovering Biostatistics and Its Broad Applications

Katherine Hoffman, MS ’18

Katherine Hoffman was drawn to medicine and health care from a young age. When she realized that biostatistics would let her engage any other field in the health sciences, she decided to pursue it in graduate school and now loves to share the many ways a career in biostatistics can unfold.

Jasmine Brown

New Horizons in Health Care

Jasmine Brown

When master's student Jasmine Brown interned in Detroit at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, she found she was able to broaden her knowledge of the health care industry and apply her skills to help solve challenges from a new perspective.

Madeline Levasseur earned an MPH from the University of Michigan School of Public Health in Epidemiology.

Data Analysis and Population Health

Madeline Levasseur, MPH '19

While earning an MPH in Epidemiology, Madeline Levasseur did a summer internship at the Kent County Health Department, working on multiple data analysis projects to help identify health factors at play in the community.