Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology

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Engaging and Empowering Vulnerable Communities for Climate Change Action

Marie O'Neill

Marie O’Neill, professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, uses this idea as a basis for her long-standing research on environmental and occupational exposures—and how they affect human health. We spoke to Marie to learn more about her research and community-based work.

Kelly M. Bakulski

Frogs, Brains, and Team Science

Kelly M. Bakulski

Taking a broad interest in biology, Kelly Bakulski found herself studying the subject on both the micro and macro scales. As a professor and researcher in epidemiology, she explores the impact the environment and genetics have on neurological disorders throughout a lifespan. Now, her focus on engaged learning and collaboration in the classroom has led her to be named the 2019 Excellence in Teaching award winner.