Water Quality Results

    • John Meeker

      Walking Beans, Hair, and Reproductive Samples: From Pesticides to Public Health

      John Meeker

      As a teenager growing up in rural Iowa, John Meeker spent countless hours in the corn and soybean fields doing farm work to make money. “We would often be out ‘walking beans,’ where you go row by row through soy fields to kill weeds,” he says. He and his friends would receive an unmarked bottle of liquid and would either walk or ride a tractor as they sprayed. Read more

    • Pamela Pugh

      Perseverance: Turning Challenge into Opportunity

      Pamela Pugh

      Michigan Public Health alum Pamela Pugh was appointed chief health advisor to the city of Flint earlier this year. An outside observer might assume a clear path from an advanced degree in public health to this role. But Pugh’s story of what brought her to her current position is filled with challenge, perseverance, and unending dedication. Read more