Public Health Advocacy

Strategies for Public Health Advocacy

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The role of advocacy in advancing policy change is critical at all levels of governance—local, state, federal, and global. The ability to articulate a message to policymakers, to the media, and to other stakeholders actively engaged in the policy process can determine the success or failure of an organization or cause.

Strong written and oral communication skills are vital in advocacy. Successful advocates must be able to translate complex data into concise, easily understood, compelling messages on a given issue and strategically build relationships and coalitions.

Effective advocacy requires knowledge of both substance and process. Public health researchers, practitioners, and students without formal training in advocacy work can still be catalysts in public discourses around health policy. This page provides resources and information that support public health advocacy.


Jenifer J. Martin, JD
Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Department of Health Management and Policy
Phone: 734-615-7197
After 16 years as director of government relations at Michigan Public Health, Jenifer Martin, recently joined the faculty in the Department of Health Management and Policy as an adjunct clinical instructor.


Introduction to Advocacy (33 minutes)

Workshop: Advocacy vs. Lobbying (41 minutes)

Advocacy Tools (18 minutes)