Liquid Gold: Supporting Healthy Lactation

Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins

Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins

Master’s Students in Health Behavior and Health Education, Master’s Student in Nutritional Sciences

Master's students Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins interned at LiquidGoldConcept, a company founded by School of Public Health alumni through a campuswide entrepreneurship competition called Innovation in Action. The mission of LiquidGoldConcept is to create hands-on tools for breast health and lactation education.

“There’s this amazing curve that shows where we get the most bang for our buck out of where we put our public health monies and it’s in prenatal care. And that’s how we’re going to change the world, starting from the beginning."

—Brittany McQueer


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