Caroline Mandel and her students

Alum and Dietitian Team Aiding Wolverines While Separated from Athletic Teams

Caroline Mandel, MS ’96

Public health alum Caroline Mandel is director of performance nutrition for the University of Michigan athletic department. Since March 12, when all collegiate competition and practice ceased, she and her staff face a new challenge—keeping student-athletes healthy and well at home during a pandemic. Read more

Headshot of Patrick O'Dowd

Pursuing Public Health through Toxicology

Patrick O’Dowd

Master’s student Patrick O’Dowd was first drawn to toxicology as an undergraduate student and now hopes to pursue a career in medical toxicology. Hear how his interests led him to Michigan Public Health’s Environmental Health Sciences department. Read more

Candice Ammori

Future Biostatician Discovers a Passion for Environmental Impact

Candice Ammori

The path to public health isn’t always direct. For master’s student Candice Ammori, an interest in the intersection of sustainability and biostatistics was sparked by a public policy degree, global research, a stint in the tech industry, and more. Read more