Students, Global Health Epidemiology

Christopher Floyd

Internship in Kenya enriches Global Health Epidemiology personal journey

Christopher Floyd, BS ’21, MPH ’24

An eight-month internship in Kenya proved pivotal for Christopher Floyd, BS ’21, MPH ’24, offering practical exposure to global health issues and cultural immersion, further enriching his academic perspectives in public health. Floyd will graduate in May with a Master of Public Health degree in Global Health Epidemiology from Michigan Public Health.

Helena Helme

Exploring public health through a cross-cultural lens

Helena Helme

Traveling through rural areas of other countries in her youth gave Helena Helme an introduction to public health. Helme is a senior, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Sciences at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. She is expected to graduate in May 2024.

Kaitlyn Akel, Master’s Student in Epidemiology, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Confronting COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy with Public Health History

Kaitlyn Akel

Kaitlyn Akel combines her study of history and biology with her passion for public health to protect entire populations. From urban health to vaccine hesitancy to environmental health, Akel’s work connects academic and cultural insights to provide broader understandings of community health.

Jessica Uruchima

Gaining Knowledge and Memories in the Field

Jessica Uruchima

For her 2018 summer internship, Michigan Public Health master's student Jessica Uruchima traveled to Ecuador - the country of her birth - to collaborate on an international pilot study examining mother and child health outcomes.

Clara Schriemer

Rooted in a Family History of Health Work

Clara Schriemer

Clara Schriemer discusses a path to global epidemiology sparked by her physician parents and piqued by public health professionals and field experience.