Disaster Relief

Adriane Kline

A Global Journey for Sustainable Public Health

Adriane Kline

Over years and many miles of travel, master’s student Adriane Kline has honed her ability to integrate intercultural learning, thoughtful communication, team science, and a passion for the health of communities into long-term, sustainable, population health solutions.

Rohan Jeremiah

Family Matters, Community Matters: Challenging Opportunities in Public Health Practice

Rohan Jeremiah, MPH ’06

As alum and public health professor Rohan Jeremiah knows well, public health does its best work when it remembers the inherent strengths and unique qualities of the communities it seeks to serve. This means paying close attention to local cultures and thinking creatively about ways to turn challenges into opportunities.

Theresa Gorman

Recovering from 9/11 and Moving Public Health to the Front Lines of Disaster Response

Theresa Gorman, MPH ’11

Theresa Gorman witnessed firsthand the clean up at Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks and how rescue and recovery workers began to suffer from respiratory problems. She has built a career around ensuring environmental and worker health and urges public health professionals to see their role in disaster preparedness and response.