School of Public Health Annual Awards

The University of Michigan School of Public Health sponsors several annual awards to recognize outstanding achievements and support a culture of celebrating one another's individual contributions to our community and beyond. 

Please join us on April 19 at Palmer Commons as we honor our outstanding School of Public Health students, faculty and staff for all their accomplishments during the 2022-2023 academic year. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the awards ceremony in the Forum Hall auditorium as well as the reception in the Great Lakes room that will follow.

The awards below will be given out at the Public Health Honors awards ceremony. Nominations will open in February

Excellence in Teaching

This award recognizes faculty members who have made an exceptional contribution to teaching and mentoring School of Public Health students. Nominations may be made by faculty or students.

2022 Recipient: Matt Zawistowski

Excellence in Research

This award recognizes outstanding scholarly or creative activity from our faculty (tenure or primary research track) in basic or applied research in public health which helps to fulfill the mission of the school.

2022 Recipient: Peter Song

Excellence in Practice

This award debuts in 2022 in recognition of a leader in public health practice at Public Health who has contributed significantly to experiential learning for students, to building capacity of the public health workforce, and to fostering meaningful, sustainable community-academic partnerships.

2022 Recipient: Dana Thomas

Feingold Excellence in Diversity Award

The School of Public Health’s Eugene Feingold Excellence in Diversity Award helps celebrate the legacy of public health leader and social activist Eugene Feingold. Feingold was professor of Health Management and Policy at Michigan Public Health and was active in community organizations concerned with civil liberties, poverty, and racial discrimination.

Established in 2004, the Feingold Award recognizes and honors faculty, staff, and students who champion diversity efforts throughout the school and contribute positively to an environment of inclusion.

2022 Staff Recipient: Kiran Szekeres

2022 Student Recipient: Rachel Morgan

Past recipients

Outstanding GSI Award 

This award recognizes graduate student instructors (GSIs) who have made an outstanding contribution to teaching and mentoring School of Public Health students. Nominations may be made by faculty or students.

2022 Recipient: Molly Green

Student Organization Awards

  • Community Engagement: Public Health Students of African Descent
  • Outstanding Event of the Year: Public Health Students of African Descent
  • Rising Organization: Environmental Health Student Association
  • Student Organization of the Year: Public Health Student Assembly

Individual Student Awards

  • Commitment to Service: Maria Cruz
  • Meghna Singh, Honorable Mention
  • PHSA Undergraduate-Graduate Mentorship Program Mentee of the Year: Victoria Minka
  • PHSA Undergraduate-Graduate Mentorship Program Mentor of the Year: Kathryn Liang
  • Rising Star:  Kaitlin Schwarz
  • Erin McMahon, Honorable Mention
  • Student Leader of the Year: Sasha Tretyakova
  • Sienna Mark, Honorable Mention
  • Unsung Hero: David Fuller Jr.