Analyzing Health Data Certificate for Online MPH Students

The Analyzing Health Data certificate will provide students with the foundational study design and regression modeling skills necessary to analyze and interpret a wide range of public health data. Students gain an understanding of when and how to use different analytical methods, but more importantly, they learn how to read and analyze public health literature to collaborate effectively with biostatisticians. Learn R, modeling methods, study design and more.

Learning about biostatistics, or data science, gives us the ability to think critically about public health in a powerful way and put data into action to advance public health. This series will emphasize quantitative skills and provide you with a unique set of computational and critical thinking skills.  

- Kelley Kidwell, Associate Professor, Biostatistics

This certificate program is rooted in data science – assumptions, implementation, and the interpretation of results. Students master concepts like multiple linear regression modeling methods, logistic regression, Poisson and survival analysis methods, and longitudinal data modeling. They’ll also gain practical, hands-on programming experience using R to perform analyses. Beyond programming, this certificate focuses on implementing appropriate study designs, understanding assumptions required to apply regression methods, and robust scientific interpretations of study results. A vital skill is knowing how to communicate scientific results to the public, students in the certificate program will be equipt to not only work with the data but also communicate it. 

Kelley Kidwell, associate professor of Biostatistics, is the faculty lead for the Analyzing Health Data certificate program. In the following video, Kidwell shares what students can expect to gain from this certificate program and offers her insights on the importance of the skills they’ll develop.


Must be an enrolled graduate student in the Population and Health Sciences online Master of Public Health degree program. Students must successfully complete BIOSTAT 501 prior to enrolling in this certificate program.

Required Courses for Certificate Completion:

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