Behind the Scenes: Capturing Our Public Health Journeys

Brian Lillie, Photographer, University of Michigan School of Public Health

For 20 months, we had only the rarest of chances to take photos of our community. Now that we’re back together, we’re finding all kinds of ways to capture our public health journeys in safe, respectful ways.

Camera Shy. Our multimedia specialist Brian Lillie (see top image) would rather stay behind the camera. In addition to video and sound editing and photos of all kinds—including for Findings—Brian does hundreds of headshots every year.

3 gen family

Great Scott! Michigan Photography’s Scott C. Soderberg with Zubeida, Michelle, and Laila before the start of their photo session.

Zubeida smiling

 Zubeida was all smiles while taking a break. 


Findings art director Aimee Andrion with Soderberg searching for the perfect cover shot.

Read more about Zubeida, Michelle, and Laila in “Three Generations, One Passion: When Public Health Runs in the Family.” 

Betsy Foxman on bike

Escape Device. Betsy Foxman heads out after her photo shoot. She put her helmet on seconds later. Photographed by Austin Thomason (below).

Austin Thomason

Read more about Foxman’s work in “One Health: Preventing and Solving Public Health Disasters.” 

Bhramar Mukherjee and Mousumi Banerjee behind the scenes

Darryl behind the scenes

Studio Work. Michigan Photography’s Daryl Marshke with Bhramar Mukherjee and Mousumi Banerjee. Both are known to take a break from biostats on the artistic stage and, maybe for that reason, know how to smile for the camera.

Read more about Mukherjee and Banerjee in “Humanity Rises: The Personal and Professional Lives of Two Scientists Combating COVID in India.” 

Phtographer in water

Taking a Dip. Daryl Marshke with Joe Eisenberg in the Huron River.

Aimee and Photgrapher in water

Aimee Andrion sees how the shots look while hoping everyone (and, yes, the camera!) stays dry.

Read more about Eisenberg’s work in “One Health: Preventing and Solving Public Health Disasters.” 

Frank Lexi

Up High. Lexi Frank, with Michigan Photography’s Austin Thomason, reaches for more animal specimens at the Research Museums Center.

Read more about Frank’s work in “How Museum Collections Can Enhance Public Health.” 

Peter Susan

Capturing the Moments. Peter Smith has been supporting the mission and public image of the school for decades. Thank you, Peter!

Josh Messner

Model Editor. Findings editor Josh Messner does his best Joe Eisenberg impression as Michigan Photography’s Daryl Marshke sets up the shot.

See many of those headshots and read more about our students, faculty, staff, and alums at We Are Michigan Public Health.