A ride-share driver on the road.

Ride-Sharing Services Linked to Binge Drinking

New research from Jeffrey McCullough

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft might help decrease drunk driving accidents and deaths, but they also are associated with an increase in binge drinking, according to a new study. Read more

People running on a track.

Disordered Eating in Female Athletes Fueled by Body Image Ideals, Coach-Athlete Power Dynamic

New research from Traci Carson

A new study shows that body-image ideals and the power dynamic between coach and female athletes may contribute to an athlete’s risk of disordered eating and body image disturbance. The research of current and former female NCAA Division I female distance runners highlights the importance of prevention and intervention programs to migitage eating and body image disorders among this population of athletes. Read more

A person pointing a remote at a television.

Positive COVID-19 Messaging on TV Can Persuade Resistant Viewers

Ken Resnicow quoted in Variety

Positive TV messaging about coronavirus safety protocols and vaccines in both scripted and unscripted series can help save lives by persuading ambivalent and resistant viewers to follow recommended public health guidelines Read more