Adolescent Health

Parent and child talking in the kitchen

Conversation with Parents on Race Can Improve Black Adolescents' Mental Health

Q&A with Riana Elyse Anderson

Black parents' experiences of racial discrimination can negatively affect their children's psychological outcomes—but talking about these experiences and improving racial socialization competency could help prevent these negative outcomes, according to a new study by a University of Michigan researcher.

A group of adolescents.

Research Looks at Intervention Methods for Youth Living with HIV

New research from Rivet Amico

Over a million teenagers and young adults in the US live with HIV, and they make up over 20% of all new HIV diagnoses each year. We spoke with Rivet Amico, associate professor of Health Behavior and Health Education, to learn more about a study she is leading to improve health and well-being among youth living with HIV.

Beth Brines uses technology on campus to connect with global partners

Remote Global Health Internship Is Not an Oxymoron

Q&A with Elizabeth Brines

Global internships this summer were rather different from what students might have envisioned. With a creative spirit, adaptable skills, and a passion for moving public health forward, Michigan students spent their summer months connecting with and learning from a variety of global health partners.