Graphic image of a vaccination.

Three Things to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccines

Here are three key takeaways from the December 2 discussion on vaccine development with infectious disease expert and University of Michigan School of Public Health professor Arnold Monto. Read more

Yellow ventilation pipes on a ceiling.

COVID-19, Aerosols, and Ventilation

Q&A with Aurora Le

As the weather gets colder and we find ourselves inside for longer periods of time, how can we avoid aerosolized droplets becoming a problem for disease transmission in our public buildings? Dr. Aurora Le walks us through some basic steps any building occupant or manager can take to mitigate risk of COVID-19 spread. Read more

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University of Michigan Epidemiologist Arnold Monto To Lead COVID-19 Vaccine Hearings

Arnold Monto, a leading epidemiologist at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health, will serve as acting chair of the Vaccines and Related committee Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting. The committee, which provides advice to the Food and Drug Administration, will discuss the development, authorization and licensure of vaccines to prevent COVID-19. Read more