A woman works in a lab conducting DNA genotyping and sequencing.

Genetic Testing: Employee Perk or Privacy Hazard?

New research from Scott Roberts

Researchers from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine will lead an interdisciplinary, multi-institution study of the ethical, legal and social implications of workplace genomic testing in the United States. Read more

people using cell phones to browse social media

Genes for Good: Harnessing the Power of Facebook to Study a Large, Diverse Genetic Pool

New Research from Gonçalo Abecasis and Katharine Brieger

Collecting DNA samples for human genetic studies can be an expensive, lengthy process that has often made it difficult to include diverse populations. Now, University of Michigan researchers believe they have found a way to harness the power of social media to recruit a large, diverse participant pool. Read more

DNA molecule overlay on top of someone checking their blood sugar levels

Massive Sequencing Study Links Rare DNA Alterations to Type 2 Diabetes

New Research from Michael Boehnke

An international consortium of scientists has analyzed protein-coding genes from nearly 46,000 people, linking rare DNA alterations to type 2 diabetes. The study, one of the largest known of its type, includes data from people of European, African American, Hispanic/Latino, East Asian, and South Asian ancestries. Read more

elderly person in care of medical staff

Statewide Dementia Coalition Co-Chaired By Scott Roberts Issues New Roadmap to Make Michigan 'Dementia Capable'

Scott Roberts, professor of Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, has been appointed co-chair of the Michigan Dementia Coalition (MDC). The MDC is a statewide group of >120 individuals from approximately 65 organizations that works to identify opportunities to improve quality of life for Michigan residents with dementia and their families. Read more