Health Care Management

Nurse practitioner

Advancing Care: Nurse Practitioners, At-Risk Communities, and the Ever-Expanding Education that Puts Nurses at the Heart of Serving Communities in Need

Nurses have been playing a unique and vital role in our battles against disease for centuries. Since the 1960s in the US, nurses have been at the forefront not only of health care services but also of health care administration and management. Nurses continue evolving their skills and the profession itself to meet needs beyond even their own imaginations and comfort levels. Read more

A person putting on blue hospital gloves.

Hazardous Drug Spills Put Cancer Nurses at Risk

New Study from Christopher Friese

With no national data source, a University of Michigan-led study has uncovered frequent spills, inconsistent PPE use and problems with closed-system transfer devices across 12 institutions. Read more

AMN Healthcare team members show their thanks to the incredible health care workers caring for communities in Texas and around the country.

Courage and Commitment: Staffing for Crisis Care

Q&A with Kelly Rakowski, MHSA ’93

What's it like to manage health care systems and personnel during a global pandemic? For an inside view, we connected with alum Kelly Rakowski, a national staffing solutions leader. She and her team are working across the country with organizations and with “hand raisers”—retired or out-of-work health care workers stepping forward to help fight the outbreak. Read more

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Mass Cancellations, Slowing the Spread, and Flattening the Curve

Q&A with Laura Power

Cultural institutions and programs are shutting down to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. To better understand what it means to “flatten the curve,” we asked Dr. Laura Power, director of the Preventive Medicine Residency at the School of Public Health, for some perspectives from the field of public health. Read more

Medical professionals standing in a hospital hallway.

Coronavirus: Protecting Health Care Workers

Q&A with Christopher Friese

As the coronavirus spreads throughout the country, an increasing number of American health care workers helping to treat patients are contracting the infection. Read more