An elderly woman wearing a surgical mask speaks to a nurse.

Pandemic Worsened Unmet Social and Diabetes Needs in Low-Income Adults

Q&A with Minal Patel

A recent study University of Michigan School of Public Health study highlights how the needs of people living with diabetes were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke with lead author Minal Patel, associate professor of Health Behavior and Health Education, to learn about the study's findings and potential solutions to ensure positive health outcomes in this population.

Person testing their glucose levels with a glucose meter.

High-Risk in the Time of Coronavirus: Protecting People with Diabetes

Q&A with Gretchen Piatt

Why are people with diabetes considered high-risk in the wake of this pandemic and what should those who contract COVID-19 do? Gretchen Piatt, associate professor of Learning Health Sciences and Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan Schools of Medicine and Public Health explains.

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Overweight Kids Actually Eat Less Right After Stressful Events

New Research from Rebecca Hasson and Matthew Nagy

People often react to stress by binging on sweets or fattening comfort foods. But overweight adolescents—considered particularly susceptible to stress eating—actually ate less when exposed to a lab stressor, according to a University of Michigan study.