Hospital Administration

AMN Healthcare team members show their thanks to the incredible health care workers caring for communities in Texas and around the country.

Courage and Commitment: Staffing for Crisis Care

Q&A with Kelly Rakowski, MHSA ’93

What's it like to manage health care systems and personnel during a global pandemic? For an inside view, we connected with alum Kelly Rakowski, a national staffing solutions leader. She and her team are working across the country with organizations and with “hand raisers”—retired or out-of-work health care workers stepping forward to help fight the outbreak.

empty hospital beds

How Do Hospitals Prepare for a Pandemic?

Q&A with David Hutton

Even when we’re not facing a global pandemic, influxes in patients happen fairly regularly and there’s a lot hospitals have already been doing to prepare. What makes this situation different and how are hospitals responding? Health Management and Policy professor David Hutton explains.

Edward Norton

Edward Norton Recognized for Excellence in Research

Edward C. Norton

Looking closely at how we use quality metrics to determine compensation, Edward Norton’s research has shifted our study of long-term care management from institutional providers to informal family care for the elderly.