Graphic image of a vaccination.

Three Things to Know about the COVID-19 Vaccines

Here are three key takeaways from the December 2 discussion on vaccine development with infectious disease expert and University of Michigan School of Public Health professor Arnold Monto. Read more

Doctor holding a smartphone

App Calculates Risk of Delaying Cancer Care During Pandemic

New research from Michigan Public Health

The University of Michigan’s OncCOVID app draws on global cancer and coronavirus data to create an individualized mortality risk assessment for receiving immediate versus delayed cancer treatment. Read more

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NSF-Funded Project to Focus on Improving Security, Privacy of Smart Homes

Q&A with Denise Anthony

A team of researchers from seven universities including the University of Michigan are working together on a national research project to address the entire life cycle of security, privacy and usability challenges from the perspective of the everyday consumer in a residential setting. Read more

Nurse practitioner

Advancing Care: Nurse Practitioners, At-Risk Communities, and the Ever-Expanding Education that Puts Nurses at the Heart of Serving Communities in Need

Nurses have been playing a unique and vital role in our battles against disease for centuries. Since the 1960s in the US, nurses have been at the forefront not only of health care services but also of health care administration and management. Nurses continue evolving their skills and the profession itself to meet needs beyond even their own imaginations and comfort levels. Read more

Elderly man holding a cordless telephone

Virtual Senior Center Helps Older Adults in Detroit Connect While Social Distancing

Low-income older adults and those with serious health problems are particularly vulnerable to negative health and social impacts caused by social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers from the University of Michigan and partner, Methodist Children’s Home Society, are piloting a virtual senior center that offers enrichment and educational programs via phone to help combat the isolation. Read more