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Coronavirus Testing, Immunity: What We Know

Q&A with Emily Toth Martin

Emily Toth Martin, associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, breaks down the basics of coronavirus testing and what the current data show are the potential next steps for the United States as we head toward fall and flu season. Read more

prison cells

IN THE NEWS: Active COVID-19 Cases in Michigan Prisons Are Down, but Experts Say Threat Isn't Over

Emily Martin featured in the Detroit Free Press

Active cases of COVID-19 in Michigan’s prisons have fallen since the novel coronavirus tore through the Department of Corrections in the spring and infected 10% of the incarcerated population. But experts, staff and prisoners say now is not a time for complacency. Read more

Gray school lockers.

Active Shooter Drills: Youth Believe Benefits Unclear

New research from N'dea Moore-Petinak

Active shooter drills in schools have a negative effect on students' emotional health and yield questionable results, according to a national poll of youth by University of Michigan researchers. Read more

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Coronavirus: What Pregnant Women Should Know

Q&A with Miatta Buxton

Nearly 4 million babies are born each year in the United States. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, pregnant women are concerned about their health and the health of their children. University of Michigan maternal and child health expert Miatta Buxton, an assistant research scientist in the Department of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health, discusses the issue. Read more