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green pills spilling from bottle


Number of Us Overdose Deaths Appears to Be Falling

Rebecca Haffajee Quoted by ABC News

U.S. overdose deaths last year likely fell for the first time in nearly three decades, preliminary numbers suggest. Read more

child reaching for a gun left on a wooden table

Fewer Kids Die From Guns in States With Stricter Laws, Study Says

New Research From Rebecca Cunningham in USA Today

States with the strictest gun laws had about 40% fewer firearm-related deaths among children compared with states with the most lax laws, according to the study, published Monday in journal Pediatrics. Read more

A. Mark Fendrick

Health Insurance Idea Born at Michigan Could Help Millions of Americans Spend Less for the Care They Need Most

Michigan Research Impacts New Policy

Millions of Americans with chronic conditions could save money on the drugs and medical services they need the most, if their health insurance plans decide to take advantage of a new federal rule issued today. And the idea behind that rule was born at the University of Michigan. Read more

little girl swimming in pool

What Is Cryptosporidium? The Pool Parasite Outbreak Causing Panic

New Contribution from Joseph Eisenberg

Cryptosporidiosis, a diarrheal disease, is caused by the microscopic parasite cryptosporidium, or crypto, and it could be living in your public pool. Outbreaks are on the rise, and children are likely to be the ones dispersing the illness. Read more