Food Policy

Multiple bottles of soda in a fridge

Warning Labels Help Reduce Sugary Drink Intake among College Students

New Study from Cindy Leung and Julia Wolfson

A new study by the University of Michigan School of Public Health and University of California, Davis found that placing warning labels on beverage dispensers helped reduce consumption by nearly 15% among college students. Read more

Bowl of bowtie pasta with pesto and tomatoes

Coronavirus Pandemic Worsens Food Insecurity for Low-Income Adults

New research from Julia Wolfson and Cindy Leung

As states started closing schools and issuing stay-home orders in March because of the coronavirus, four out of 10 low-income Americans were already struggling to afford enough food for their households, according to a new study from University of Michigan School of Public Health researchers. Read more

Fiber rich fruits in a brown paper bag

Nearly All Americans Fail to Eat Enough of This Actual Superfood

William Chey Quoted in Vox

When we fret about the deterioration of the American diet, we tend to focus on the excessive amounts of sugar, salt, and calories we’re now eating. What we don’t talk about: an important ingredient that’s gone missing as we’ve been filling our plates with more chicken and cheese. Fiber. Read more