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A man sits on a bench with a mask on.

Loneliness Doubled Among Older Adults in Early Months of COVID-19, Poll Shows

New research from John Piette

In June of this year, 56% of people over age 50 said they sometimes or often felt isolated from others—more than double the 27% who felt that way in a similar poll in 2018. Nearly half of those polled in June of this year also said they felt more isolated than they had just before the pandemic arrived in the United States and a third said they felt they had less companionship than before. Read more

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The Science of Philanthropy: Finding Purpose with Vic Strecher

Imagine a pill you could take that would increase your happiness, longevity, and quality of sleep. And on top of that, it would decrease your susceptibility to COVID-19, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and depression. According to Vic Strecher, this medicine exists in living a more purposeful life. Read more

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Seven Ways the Pandemic Is Affecting Our Mental Health

Riana Anderson featured in Greater Good Magazine

Epidemiologists and virologists around the world are scrambling to understand and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. There is another group of researchers who are concerned about a slightly different foe: the mental health pandemic. Read more

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What Happens If Eviction Moratoriums Expire Across the US?

Q&A with Roshanak Mehdipanah

Eviction moratoriums, both at the federal and state levels, are expiring, as are the benefits of the CARES act that provided emergency funds to millions of unemployed Americans. Two University of Michigan experts discuss the policy and public health considerations. Read more