Health Behavior and Health Education

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Faculty Team Hopes to Galvanize Anti-Racism in Public Health Education

As public health faculty passionate about health equity, Melissa Creary and Paul Fleming have spent their careers observing the ways in which racism creates barriers to health for communities. Now, the pair are laying plans to make an impact on public health education through anti-racist teaching, beginning in their own backyard. Read more

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LGBTQ+ People in Kenya Urgently Need Mental Health Support

New research from Gary Harper

There's an urgent need for culturally appropriate mental and physical health services for sexual and gender minorities in Kenya, says a University of Michigan School of Public Health researcher Gary Harper. Read more

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Research Looks at Intervention Methods for Youth Living with HIV

New research from Rivet Amico

Over a million teenagers and young adults in the US live with HIV, and they make up over 20% of all new HIV diagnoses each year. We spoke with Rivet Amico, associate professor of Health Behavior and Health Education, to learn more about a study she is leading to improve health and well-being among youth living with HIV. Read more