Mental Health

A student writing in a notebook.

Anxiety, Depression Reached Record Levels among College Students Last Fall

New Research from Justin Heinze

Last fall, college students reported their highest levels of depression and anxiety of any prior semester, according to the University of Michigan Healthy Minds Study, an annual web-based survey looking at mental health and service utilization among undergraduate and graduate college students. Read more

Woman walking on a trail with her hands over her head.

Seven Ways the Pandemic Is Affecting Our Mental Health

Riana Anderson featured in Greater Good Magazine

Epidemiologists and virologists around the world are scrambling to understand and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. There is another group of researchers who are concerned about a slightly different foe: the mental health pandemic. Read more

Two young children looking out of a window.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus

Q&A with Alison Miller

How do we talk about coronavirus and COVID-19 to children, who may not fully understand what is happening? How can parents and guardians ease the concerns of their children during this time that is likely creating stress for all members of the family? Read more