Jon Zelner

A vaccine vial.

The Pandemic of the Vaccinated Is Here

Jon Zelner quoted in The Atlantic

A coming winter surge and the spread of Omicron have made it clear that COVID is everyone’s problem. Jon Zelner, assistant professor of Epidemiology, discusses how growing Omicron cases could cause massive disruptions to current virus mitigation strategies in the US.

a woman wearing a surgical face mask

Which Populations Are Most Vulnerable to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Q&A with Sharon Kardia and Jon Zelner

For vulnerable populations—the elderly, those with chronic illness and mental health issues, and those without the means to work from home or access affordable health care—measures we've undertaken to slow the spread of coronavirus can have life-threatening consequences. To better understand how the virus will impact the most vulnerable, we spoke with University of Michigan School of Public Health epidemiologists Sharon Kardia and Jon Zelner.