Students, Global Public Health

Beth Brines uses technology on campus to connect with global partners

Remote Global Health Internship Is Not an Oxymoron

Q&A with Elizabeth Brines

Global internships this summer were rather different from what students might have envisioned. With a creative spirit, adaptable skills, and a passion for moving public health forward, Michigan students spent their summer months connecting with and learning from a variety of global health partners.

people on street in India

Modeling the Impact of Lockdown Measures and Coronavirus Response in India

Q&A with Rupam Bhattacharyya

Rupam Bhattacharyya, a doctoral student at Michigan Public Health, is part of a team of researchers that, as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded around the world, used standard epidemiologic models to do a situational assessment of the crisis in India—providing real-time data for authorities to assist leadership in addressing this global pandemic.