Elderly person holding stress ball

How Do We Overcome the Burden of Chronic Disease for Older Adults?

Aruna Muthukumar

Over 85 percent of US adults age 65 and over suffer from at least one chronic illness, and about 65–75 percent of those adults suffer from two or more chronic illnesses. How can we manage this burden on older adults as well as the burden on the health care system in cost-effective ways? Read more

HPV Exposure

HPV Exposure and the Increasing Prevalence of Head and Neck Cancer

Allyson Gregoire

Because oral sex has become a more common practice among sexually active adults in the US, and because HPV is usually a sexually transmitted infection, everyone should be aware of the connection between sexual behavior and cancer risk. Read more


FDA Approves HPV Vaccine for Those Up to Age 45

Nina Masters, MPH ‘18

The FDA recently approved an HPV vaccine called Gardasil 9 for individuals up to age 45. Why is this important and how might this expanded age range affect relatively low uptake rates for this cancer-preventing vaccine? Read more


The Global Cancer Burden: Avoidable Causes from Lifestyle to Environment

David Schottenfeld

The causes of cancer are legion, but a look at dominant risk factors can help maximize limited resources in our fight against a deadly disease. Mitigating the burden of cancer mortality is possible by integrating population-wide measures targeting primary causes. Read more