What Is Public Health?

Translating Public Health Research Illustration

Translating Public Health Research

Part 5 in Our 'What Is Public Health?' Video Series

In classrooms, labs, and communities, public health reveals deeper understandings about human health. But to empower populations and impact lives for the better, that knowledge has to be shared. In this new video from our 'What Is Public Health' series, learn how... Read more

public health data visualization

How Does Public Health Use Big Data?

Part 4 in Our 'What Is Public Health?' Video Series

We live in a world full of data, but how do we use it effectively? In this new installment in our 'What Is Public Health?" video series, see how public health professionals build the tools that help communities, physicians, individuals, and others harness data to improve health everywhere. Read more

environmental health sciences

What Is Environmental Health Science?

Part 3 in Our 'What Is Public Health?' Video Series

The environment around you influences your health and the health of your friends and family in countless ways. In the third installment of our ongoing "What Is Public Health?" video series, learn about these environmental impacts and how public health professionals work to address them to improve health for all. Read more

social determinants of health

What Are Social Determinants of Health?

Part 2 in Our 'What Is Public Health?' Video Series

Your health is influenced by a wide range of factors, and the body you were born with is only one of them. In part two of our ongoing 'What Is Public Health?" video series, learn about some of the other factors that influence our health and what public health professionals do to address them. Read more

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What Is Public Health?

A New Video Series from Michigan Public Health

The field of Public Health—though sometimes misunderstood—plays a critical role in the promotion of health, prevention of disease, and empowerment of people to manage chronic illness and disabilities. In the first of a new video series, discover how different facets of public health work together to drive lasting change. Read more