Photo of a vaccine.

Why Are Ethical Concerns Blocking the Progress of COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts?

Akpabio Akpabio and Utibe Effiong

Ultimately, vaccines are beneficial, and human trials are essential in determining the safety of any vaccine. But how do we select candidates for vaccine tests? Fallout from unethical experiments is persistent, and we must insist on the most ethical and medically accurate appraisals of the vaccine landscape. Read more

A school bus

Coronavirus, Kids, and School Closings: A Public Health Expert Answers 4 Questions

Aubree Gordon

The World Health Organization has declared a coronoavirus pandemic, and more cases have been announced in several states. School closings, such as the statewide closure of schools in Ohio, Oregon, Maryland, New Mexico, and Michigan announced March 12, are often one of the actions that officials consider. Public health scholar Aubree Gordon explains why. Read more

Scientist in a CDC lab examines the result of a plaque assay.

When Will There Be a Coronavirus Vaccine? 5 Questions Answered

Aubree Gordon

The coronavirus that started in Wuhan has sickened more than 4,000 people and killed at least 100 in China as of Jan. 27, 2020. People are hoping for a vaccine to slow the spread of the disease and Michigan Public Health associate professor Aubree Gordon shares details on a potential vaccine. Read more