Breastfeeding Results

    • Anna Sadovnikova

      3 Tips for Aspiring Public Health Entrepreneurs

      Anna Sadovnikova

      I never thought I could call myself an “entrepreneur” or a “businesswoman.” Even today, three years after co-founding a company and (finally) selling our product, I still hesitate to use those words to describe myself. But after listening to the success stories and failures of dozens of innovators, I’ve identified three key strategies that we all employ. Read more

    • Mothers from Eastern Ukraine attend training on breastfeeding

      Breastfeeding: How Long Is Too Long?

      Brooke A. Perry

      It was a cool September morning. Flipping the radio station on my drive into work, I happened across a talk show and something caught my ear. As I listened, I realized they were discussing breastfeeding—more specifically breastfeeding into toddlerhood. Read more