Mental Health

    • stressed teenage student sitting outside of school

      Bridging the Gap: Connecting Public Health and Public Schools to Support Students

      Laura Hollander, MPH ‘19

      Many Michigan public schools are under pressure to improve student grades and test scores. But currently the connection between student grades and student health is under-recognized. To improve student health, schools should include public health programs about mental and behavioral health in classrooms. Read more

    • Cigarettes

      Who's Smoking Now, and Why It Matters

      Ken Warner

      1 of every 7 adults still smokes. And smoking kills nearly 500,000 Americans every year. That number exceeds the total of all deaths caused by opioids and other drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle injuries, homicide, suicide, HIV/AIDS, and fires. What populations are most affected by smoking? What can be done to prevent smoking related deaths? Read more

    • Public health worker at disaster relief camp

      Fighting Climate Change Effects with Public Health

      Kelly Broen

      As the frequency and intensity of natural disasters increases, public health can provide life-saving support in the aftermath. Disaster response research might not fall neatly into a single academic discipline, but we cannot allow disaster relief to fall through the cracks. Read more

    • Depressed man

      The SADdest Time of the Year?

      Mahasweta Mitra

      About six of every 100 Americans is affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a recurrent form of major depression, characterized by feelings of hopelessness and despair, fatigue, problems sleeping and concentrating, and changes in appetite. Here’s what you need to know about SAD this winter. Read more

    • parents with baby

      Will New Postpartum Care Standards Help Moms?

      Clara Schriemer

      While maternal mortality rates are declining in all developed countries around the world, maternal deaths continue to increase in the US. However, new postpartum care guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists may be an essential step toward improving maternal health. Read more

    • Elderly Loneliness

      A Loneliness Epidemic among Older Americans

      Vidhi Verma

      Social relationships are key to healthy aging, but more than 42 million American adults say they feel lonely. What can the US learn from other developed countries when it comes to supporting our aging population and preventing loneliness? Read more