Dr. Julio Frenk, MPH, PhD, President of the University of Miami, Florida

Leadership to Inspire Global Change

Julio Frenk, MPH ’81, PhD ’83

Julio Frenk’s career has oscillated between health care and higher education. He currently serves as President of the University of Miami and for six years served as Mexico’s Secretary of Health. Whether in the academy or in policymaking, the unifying theme to that career, Frenk says, has been trying to give back through service.

Bunk beds viewed through chain-link fence

Mental Health Inside Detention Centers: The Unknown Toll on Latinx Child Immigrants

Cecilia Galvan

Thousands of children still live inside US immigration detention centers, and they are not getting adequate care. These populations include large numbers of Latinx children currently living in a traumatic and uncertain environment. Obtaining the data necessary to understand the mental health impacts of detainment on these children is vital.

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Coronavirus and Immigration: ICE Reductions Are Too Little, Too Late

William D. Lopez and Nicole L. Novak

In the face of decades of mistrust and fear, the operational changes proposed by ICE are paltry. Now more than ever, say Lopez and Novak, is the time to prioritize human dignity and public health and to allow immigrant communities to shelter safely in place.

Child getting a shot

Families Are Choosing between Their Health and Staying Together

Paul Fleming and William Lopez

Some immigrant families in Michigan are choosing to miss clinic appointments and opt out of public benefits that would help keep children healthy and prevent disease because they fear it will affect their chances of staying in this country together.


The Impact of Parent-Child Separation at the Border

Hurley Riley

More than 2,300 children were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border between May and June 2018. University of Michigan experts weigh in on how the trauma of long-term separation from their parents effects a child’s development.