People wearing masks

What Makes a "Wave" of Disease? An Epidemiologist Explains

Abram L. Wagner

With daily deaths from COVID-19 in the US rarely going below 600 for months, the US is not yet in a second wave. Instead, we seem to be sustaining an ongoing first wave that just continues to crest. What will it take to get the US to a much-needed trough? Read more

public health data visualization

How Does Public Health Use Big Data?

Part 4 in Our 'What Is Public Health?' Video Series

We live in a world full of data, but how do we use it effectively? In this new installment in our 'What Is Public Health?" video series, see how public health professionals build the tools that help communities, physicians, individuals, and others harness data to improve health everywhere. Read more


What's a Biobank, and How Can My Health Record Support Research?

Max Salvatore and Lauren Beesley

Advances in genetic science provide us more and more information about our health. Biobanks are increasing the organization of that data so we can ask and answer crucial health questions more rapidly, from diseases we might have to how we might respond to certain drug treatments. Read more