Food Policy

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Climate Matters in Michigan

Pressing Realities for a State and a Region

Nearly fifty years after the 1970 Teach-In on the Environment, which began with a rally in Crisler Center, we invited five colleagues to discuss what climate change will mean for the state of Michigan’s environment and its people. Read more

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Sustainable Food Systems for Public Health

Travertine Orndorff Garcia

Despite its interdisciplinary nature, public health tends to approach food systems problems in isolation. But occupational exposures, social determinants, personal behaviors, and chronic disease are interdependent, meaning food-systems solutions require deep, broad collaborations. Read more

healthy food choices

Don't Fixate on Fifteen: Healthy Lifestyle Choices for College Freshmen

Ngan Nguyen

Between classes, studying, interacting with peers, engaging in student organizations, sleeping, and many other activities, it can be difficult for college students to make healthy eating choices and lead a balanced life. Focusing more on habits than on weight can help create a healthier lifestyle. Read more

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Is Cow's Milk Essential for Human Health?

Chloe Pawloski

Is the consumption of cow’s milk essential for proper health? For decades, the USDA has been recommending multiple daily servings of dairy. How can humans consume all required nutrients from a diet free of dairy? Read more