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Changing the Culture Around Fat-Talk

Lenora Goodman

As National Mental Health Awareness Week continues, Registered Dietitian Lenora Goodman explores the mental and physical health ramifications of ‘fat-talk’, and provides recommendations for changing the conversation around weight, eating, and health. Read more


The Global Cancer Burden: Avoidable Causes from Lifestyle to Environment

David Schottenfeld

The causes of cancer are legion, but a look at dominant risk factors can help maximize limited resources in our fight against a deadly disease. Mitigating the burden of cancer mortality is possible by integrating population-wide measures targeting primary causes. Read more


Diet Soda May be Hurting Your Diet

Eunice Zhang

Recent medical studies suggest that policymakers eager to implement a soda tax may also want to include diet drinks because the sweeteners they contain may be contributing to chronic diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Read more

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Nutrition as an Intervention for Depression and Anxiety?

Isa Kujawski

The emerging field of “nutritional psychiatry” explores nutrition interventions for use alleviating symptoms of mental disorders, namely anxiety and depression. With Mental Health Awareness Month is full swing, explore recent research with recent graduate Isa Kujawski. Read more