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A crowd of people walking across a busy city intersection.


R0: How Scientists Quantify the Intensity of an Outbreak Like Coronavirus and Its Pandemic Potential

Joseph Eisenberg

R0 is the number of cases, on average, an infected person will cause during their infectious period. Michigan Public Health professor of Epidemiology, Joe Eisenberg, explains how scientists quantify the intensity of outbreaks like the coronavirus. Read more

Kelly Gonzalez presenting to a group of students.

Healing in Public Health: Oppression, Trauma, and Resilience

An Interview with Kelly Gonzales and Jillene Joseph

Two leaders in Native American communities discuss intergenerational trauma, oppression and dehumanization, decolonization, and how to be agents of healing, hopeful change, and health for all. Read more

Mural in Little Haiti, a neighborhood in Miami.

Weathering the Storm: Climate Gentrification in Miami's Little Haiti

Elizabeth Santiago

Climate change can have a profound impact on communities, expanding far beyond environmental conditions. For the residents of the Miami neighborhood Little Haiti, rising sea levels bring a new wave of more than just water. Read more

Menstrual Products

Changing the Cycle: Period Poverty as a Public Health Crisis

Ashley Rapp and Sidonie Kilpatrick

With 1 in 5 girls missing school due to lack of menstrual products, period poverty is an important, yet often ignored, public health crisis. Michigan Public Health students Ashley Rapp and Sidonie Kilpatrick explore the issue, and the ways public health professionals can work toward menstrual equity. Read more