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College Street, North Kolkata, India. Photo by Pratiti Ghosh.


Where Science Meets Humanity: A Story of Suffering and Love in India

Mousumi Banerjee

India’s coronavirus problem is everyone’s problem. When a virus ravages one country this badly, it will affect others—and well beyond the spread of a disease. We must and will act on the responsibilities we have as a global community because disease is disease, love is love, and both are highly infectious. Read more

Map of global dots connected by lines

It's Time to Rethink Capacity Building in Global Health Work

K. Rivet Amico

Capacity building is a ubiquitous phrase in grant applications, communications, and guidelines for many global health initiatives. Too often the phrase connotes an assumption that “established” US partners build knowledge or practice in “less-resourced” communities. What language can we use to more honestly recognize the value and contributions of all collaborators? Read more

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Leading with HEART: Working toward Health Equity with Anti-Racist Teaching

Melissa Creary, Paul Fleming, Sheeba Pawar, and Amel Omari

Social unrest across the nation has given momentum to the newly revitalized anti-racist movement. Melissa Creary and Paul Fleming want to encourage public health educators and institutions to embrace anti-racist strategies in the classroom to positively impact the field. They're taking initiative with Project HEART to advocate for institutional and systemic changes that they believe will facilitate better health professionals and better health outcomes. Read more

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, Chief Medical Executive for the State of Michigan

Lessons from a Pandemic: Leading with Science

Joneigh Khaldun, BS ’02

Every day is different for Joneigh Khaldun, who leads the state of Michigan’s response to the pandemic and many other public health initiatives. Khaldun grew up in Michigan, received medical training on the east coast, and returned to her home state to do what she always wanted to do—support and improve the health of Michigan communities. Read more