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Blue starfish lays on a coral reef in the ocean.


The Organism-Environment Interface: How Epigenetics Can Help Us Understand the Impacts of Climate Change

Rachel Morgan

As the global climate changes, new conditions in our environments are influencing genetic expression across many organisms. What can the science of epigenetics—the “software” of our genetic code—tell us about what we might expect in the future? Read more

Train tracks in downtown Atlanta before the belt line was created

Can Green Space Be Good for Everyone?

Lauren Balotin

Do urban green spaces improve health or widen health disparities? How can cities avoid eco-gentrification and ensure all members of the community provide input when designing greening interventions? Read more

Macro photo of penicillin

The Human Microbiome and Its Role in the Fight against Antimicrobial Resistance

Betsy Foxman

The rapid evolution of bacteria mean our antibiotics are becoming less and less effective. What does the future look like for antimicrobial resistance, and what alternatives do we have in the fight against life-threatening infectious diseases? Read more

United States flag

Public Health Perspectives from Veterans and Active Members of the Military

University of Michigan School of Public Health students and alumni serve the nation and the public health community in a number of ways. Read more