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The Drug Overdose Epidemic

Ali Safawi, BA '19

Recently, the “opioid epidemic” or “opioid crisis” has been on the minds of journalists, politicians, public health professionals, and the public. While opioids continue to contribute the lion’s share of overdose deaths nationally, a deeper look into available data suggests that the United States is facing not only an “opioid epidemic” but a “drug overdose epidemic.” Read more

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A Beginner's Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Emmi Carr

Intermittent fasting can provide many benefits, and it has been proven safe and effective for most groups. If you and your physician it could work for you, there are a variety of styles for the beginner to try out. Read more

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Making Family Planning a Household Name: The Legacy of Title X

Chloe Bakst

Title X provides for a diverse array of services, including medical care like contraception, training for nurses and other care providers, and systematic data collection. Despite fifty years of shrinking financial support, can it continue to be successful? Read more

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One Family, Three Disciplines: An Intergenerational Conversation on Public Health

Michael Boehnke, Betsy Foxman, and Kevin Foxman Boehnke

We asked a family of public health researchers about big-picture changes in the field, how they decide which questions to pursue, and what they make of specialization in the sciences. Their conversation both lifts up and itself embodies the interdisciplinary nature of public health. Read more