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Coronavirus Case Counts Are Going to Go up - but That Doesn't Mean Social Distancing Is a Bust

Abram Wagner

The last few weeks have brought previously unimaginable changes to the lives of people throughout the United States. Americans everywhere are waking up to a new reality in which they can’t go to work or school outside the home and they have to stay six feet away from others. More than 80% of Americans are under such stay-at-home orders. Read more

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Another Housing Crisis Is Coming--And Bailouts and Eviction Freezes Won't Be Enough to Prevent Many from Losing Their Homes

Roshanak Mehdipanah

Millions of Americans are suddenly out of work as the financial and economic crisis sparked by the coronavirus pandemic deepens. Without an income, most of these people will have a hard time covering their expenses, including keeping a roof over their heads. Read more

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Coronavirus and Immigration: ICE Reductions Are Too Little, Too Late

William D. Lopez and Nicole L. Novak

In the face of decades of mistrust and fear, the operational changes proposed by ICE are paltry. Now more than ever, say Lopez and Novak, is the time to prioritize human dignity and public health and to allow immigrant communities to shelter safely in place. Read more

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Viruses Live on Doorknobs and Phones and Can Get You Sick--Smart Cleaning and Good Habits Can Help Protect You

Joseph Eisenberg

Professor and Chair of Epidemiology Joe Eisenberg highlights some of the things that you can do to mitigate the risk of transmission of viruses and other bugs. His suggestion? Properly and frequently clean the things you touch with disinfectant. Read more