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What Is Public Health?

A New Video Series from Michigan Public Health

The field of Public Health—though sometimes misunderstood—plays a critical role in the promotion of health, prevention of disease, and empowerment of people to manage chronic illness and disabilities. In the first of a new video series, discover how different facets of public health work together to drive lasting change. Read more

Microscopic image of the Ebola virus

Ebola Returns Yet Again--Understanding and Controlling a Deadly Disease

Abram Wagner, MPH '12, PhD ’15

Ebola is once again in news headlines around the world, with hundreds of cases confirmed in central Africa. What have we learned from the 2013 outbreak about this deadly disease and about our own ability to handle such an epidemic? Read more

Son hugging his dad

"But Daddy, Why Was He Shot?": How to Talk to Children about Race Today

Riana Anderson

All parents are concerned for their children’s safety, but parents of color shoulder a particularly challenging burden raising children in a racially charged society. Although no magic formula exists for helping children of color get through the racial dynamics of our society, Riana Anderson offers some research-based strategies for parents. Read more

Dana Greene kneeling on the Diag

One Year After

Dana Greene, Jr.

On September 25, 2017, master's student Dana Greene, Jr., took a knee on the University of Michigan Diag for over 20 hours to protest police brutality and hate crimes across the country and the climate on campus. One year later, he reflects back on this moment and what it meant to him and the community around him. Read more