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Heart Health


Heart Health Is Public Health

Sharing your heart with someone special this Valentine’s Day? As American Heart Month rolls on, explore the many ways you can keep yours beating healthy and steady with research and advice from Michigan Public Health students, faculty, and alumni. Read more


Navigating Team Dynamics: Lessons from Social Entrepreneurship

Kate Wilhelmi

With busy schedules, powerful passions, and different approaches to work, healthy tensions arise on any team. Michigan Public Health’s Kate shares a tool to help teammates work together for greater creativity, collaboration, and communication. Read more


Discovering Your Kitchen's Unsung Heroes: Using Food as Medicine

Natalie Manitius

The next time you feel a scratchy throat coming on, or a stressful event in your wake, consider putting nature’s medicines to the test. Explore the ways food, when used properly, has the power to heal, with Michigan Public Health student Natalie. Read more


Increased Immigration Enforcement and Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Has Potential 'Chilling Effect' on Health Care Access

Paul Fleming and William Lopez

With the growing fear of arrest and deportation under the Trump administration, many members of immigrant communities don’t feel able to seek health care. University of Michigan researchers are exploring this phenomenon, called the “chilling effect.” Read more